Cafe Mundo Art Scene

The Artist Behind The Dioramas Exhibited At Cafe Mundo

John Burgund, 76, is a retired Heavy Construction Carpenter and lifelong amateur Photographer. His work has been published in "PRINT" (NYC) and German and Japanese publications. He has also been published in "Easy Rider Supercycle" and "Biker Lifestyle" magazines.

He began building Dioramas two years ago recycling shoe boxes, photos and paper for a Halloween piece, "Boo." "Hotel California," his latest effort combines cardboard, mat board, wood dowels and plastic figures with photos of local buildings and "bobble heads" moved by air flow - a fan inside the box. This has proved to be a very popular piece. Greg and Laurie encouraged him to continue and another was created for them. His work now consists of various shapes and sizes using foam board, fabrics, jewelry, feathers, figures new and old, photos of buildings and other artists' work with their permission. The Café Mundo staff hear a lot of positive comments about all of his work.

In closing, John says he has "more ideas swirling in his mind!"

Dioramas Exhibited At Cafe Mundo


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